Revealing Revelation's Hope


Kieth Noll has 30 years experience lecturing throughout the United States on Bible Prophecy.  Kieth presents the Revealing Revelation's Hope Prophecy Series in a dynamic crystal clear way that will thrill you!  When you hear these lectures, you will comment with people of all faiths who have stated, "Bible Prophecies come alive on screen."  "I have never seen the prophecies so clearly explained."  "Now I can really understand the book of Revelation."  Admission is free, so plan now not to miss a single night of these comprehensive and unforgettable presentations.
  Kieth also appears as a regular guest on the TV show "Eternity Now" in Nashville, TN on Comcast channel 19 or you can view it at

Opening Weekend -  Friday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016

Time:  7:00 p.m.  Series continues every Fri., Sat. & Sun. night.  Concludes Oct. 29

Adventist Auditorium

2335 Highway 641 N
Paris, TN 38242-8817

The Next World Superpower!

A powerful prophecy found in Daniel 2 that outlines superpowers down through the ages

Discover an ancient prophecy that

foretells when the ultimate new 

world order will take place and 

what it will be like.  Discover how

you can face the future with


The Prophet Daniel was shown
the Antichrist's kingdom and gives
us 10 marks to help us identify
this power.  Know with certainty
what the Bible says about the

Incredible Last Day Events!

Exploring prophecies Jesus outline in Matthew 24 and in the book of Revelation.

There are unmistakable and
sure-fire signs that we are
living in strange and unusual
times.  Thinking people
everywhere realize that we
are on the verge of some-
thing big.  History's hourglass
is almost empty, but there is a
bright future!

You will learn about the following topics:

•    The meaning of the Mark           of the Beast & 666

•    America in Prophecy

•    The Battle of Armageddon

•    The 7 Last Plagues

•    Answers to the Mystery of         Death

•    Much, Much More

I will make you these three sincere promises:

1.    The Bible alone will be               your textbook.

2.    We will not beg you for               money.

3.    Jesus Christ will be                    uplifted – our only
       hope in these last days.