Revealing Revelation's Hope



Quotes I thought the seminar was easy to understand and I carried away such a blessing each night. There are CDs' and DVDs' available. I'm sure they would be easy to acquire through this web page. I'm sure you would receive a blessing from them, too. Quotes
Joe Pitts
Retired - Memphis, TN

Quotes I don't believe I could have enjoyed a talk more than the testimony you gave last night! So powerful and so real! You not only lived it, but can now deliver it in a dynamic way! Praise God for the way He transformed you! Look forward to next segment! Quotes
Lee Hall
Pewee Valley, KY

Quotes I always wanted to hear someone speak on Revelation throughout my life. I especially liked how you said, "I will let the Bible speak for itself," You can't go wrong there. I just wanted to say, that the seminar meant so much to me because without it I would be still lost, but now I have a new aspect on my life and the pass is gone, I now have a new life cleansed with the grace of God. Quotes
Paul Webber
City Bus Driver

Quotes "Kieth's magnetic personality is a gift from God that God uses to draw you in. If you get the chance to hear Kieth present Revealing Revelation's Hope, don't miss it! God has gifted Kieth with the ability to grab your attention and make real the hope that is in Christ Jesus. I highly recommend Kieth and his work!" Quotes
Brett Randall
Pastor - Poplar Bluff, MO

Quotes The meetings were a real blessing to me. I enjoyed not only the message of Revelation and other end time events but the presentation was entertaining and enlightening. I really think that people left the meetings with little doubt about what we can expect in the future and love of Jesus. Thank you so much for having the meetings here in Memphis and will continue to pray for the success of future meetings. Quotes
Tory Bennett
Owner of Snappy Computer - Memphis, TN

Quotes "Attending Bible prophecy meetings had a big positive effect in our lives. As as a new couple we have arguments every now and then, criticizing each other that put our relationship in jeopardy. The love that we have was like a seesaw, up and down, in which the tools are gradually loosing up and will breakdown completely. Until we found ourselves in a seminar about Revelation. Since that moment life has never been the same. Knowing Jesus Christ as our Saviour, life become easier, worthwhile, and more loving. We finally realized that Jesus is the only one we need to survive in this world. He erased all the negativity and confusion in our hearts and minds. God is so good that He continue to bless us more than everything we need." Quotes
Tony Brown & Crimea Quiachon Brown
Husband & wife - Walton, KY

Quotes Earlier this year, my husband and I attended a Bible Prophecy Seminar hosted by Kieth Noll in the Northern Kentucky area. Listening to Kieth's presentation each session was so refreshing and impressive. Every aspect of the prophetic study was clearly Bible led "each and every time". Kieth is a dynamic voice piece for our Lord. What a blessing it has been, not only for my husband and myself but also for my son and his new bride. Blessings Noll Family! Vicki Baxter Quotes
John & Vicki Baxter
Satisfied Wife & husband - Florence, KY